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Try the Pipes

Try the Pipes

Most people come to Edinburgh and hear the Bagpipes being played on the Royal Mile, but don't get much more exposure than that. New to 2019, we are now offering groups the chance to give the Pipes a shot, with Craig, our professional instructor who will gently (and noisily) guide you on how to get a sound out of the Highland Bagpipes, Scotland's national instrument.

All workshops occur in a historic church in the centre of the Old town, very close to Edinburgh Castle. We rent out the church hall which has great acoustics and makes for the perfect venue

How it Works
- Your piper starts with a brief introduction to the bagpipes
- You're then given a Chanter; the beginner instrument all Scottish Pipers start on
- After everyone has tried the Chanter, the next step is trying the Bagpipes, with each group member getting time to give it a shot

Your instructor will be there to give you a hand the whole way through, and the goal is to make a sound......or a noise!

Please note, it takes years to learn the Highland Bagpipes, and they are considered one of the hardest instruments in the world to learn. We don't expect anyone to do much more than have a great time making a sound/noise. On the other hand, we do expect you to have a great time, and after you've tried this activity, you will have some entertaining videos of yourself and friends/family trying to blast a sound out of the pipes!
Type of Experience

Perfect For
Families, groups of friends or staff days out

Historic Church Hall in Old Town

Start Time
Whenever you want

1 hour (or 1.5 hours at your request)

Prices from £150 (including venue hire and all equipment)

What to Bring
A can-do attitude and a phone for taking videos


+44 (0) 7552 961 688 or +44 (0) 7769 265 952