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Story of Scotland

Story of Scotland

Scotland’s history is a fascinating story which deserves to be well told. Our country was influenced by outsiders from the Romans and Vikings to the Norman French and (whisper it) even the English. But Scots, through our diaspora, discoveries and innovations have also truly helped shape the modern world.

Sit back and listen to our country’s story; this epic Storytelling session is split into four parts starting with the Roman Invasions, followed by the wars of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Jacobite rebellions and the technological transformations of the eighteenth century, right up to the recent independence referendum. Where did it all start for us Scots? How did we get to where we are today and where are we going? These questions are all answered in a balanced and entertaining way.

This unique storytelling experience was written and is performed by our guide, Gains, a PhD in Scottish history. Although Gains has an academic background, this experience has been designed to be as entertaining as possible, so fear not, you won't be lectured at for 2 hours. We always encourage questions and audience participation!

This Experience is perfect for:
- anyone interested in learning about the history and culture of Scotland
- anyone wanting an informative and educational experience
- anyone unable to do a walking tour (Edinburgh is hilly) but keen to learn our history
Type of Experience

Perfect For
Anyone interested in Scotland's history and culture

What Venue can we use?
A local cafe, pub or even church hall

Pickup location
Meet at Storytelling venue, or hotel pickup

Start Time
Whenever you want (morning, afternoon or evening)

2 hours

£95 for x2, then an extra £15 per person

What to Bring
£5-£10 per person for drinks/refreshments (unless venue is Church Hall)


+44 (0) 7552 961 688 or +44 (0) 7769 265 952