St Andrews Full Day

St Andrews Day Tour

St Andrews must be one of the quaintest, most historic towns in Scotland. What's more, for the humble size of this "wee" Scottish town (there are around 17,000 permanent residents), the influence it's had on the wider world is quite amazing.

Once a site of medieval religious pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over the UK flocked to St Andrews every year until the Reformation in 1560. St Andrews University was established in 1413 and is still one of the most prestigious Uni's in the world. And on top of all this, modern day Golf wouldn't be what it is today without the help of many St Andrews locals, with many of the pioneering moments in the history of the game occurring in the town.

Example Itinerary:
- Visit St Andrews Castle
- See the Old Course (oldest golf course in the world)
- Visit St Andrews Cathedral
- Visit Falkland (used as a filming location in Outlander)
- Visit Falkland Palace
- Drive back to Edinburgh via Crail, Anstruther and a few more quaint coastal villages

On this tour, you'll learn about the turbulent history of St Andrews and you'll get an insight into all the University and Golf traditions that make it so unique.

This Tour is Perfect for:
- Anyone interested in Golf, Religious History, Quaint Architecture and sea views
- Anyone wanting to do a Walking Tour around a historic Scottish town
- Any group with mixed interests
Type of Tour

Tour Time
Any time but 9am is ideal

£415-£465 (depending on group size)

Car Seats included for Kids?
Yes, we provide car seats

What to Bring
Outdoor clothing money for lunch/refreshments and attractions

Driving Time
3.5 hours


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