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School Group Tours

Informative and Engaging....but also Fun!

We do tours for School Groups of all ages and on these tours, our goal is to make sure all the group members learn something about Scotland while having fun. If you are a larger School Group wanting to do a Driving Tour, we can hire larger vehicles to make sure there's space for everyone, and if you have over 20-25 students for a walking tour, we can provide 2 walking tour guides for your tour to make sure everyone has an intimate tour.

Many of the tours we list on our website are suitable for students, but in the past 5 years, we've found these ones seem to work really well:

- Edinburgh Coastal Tour: limited driving time and lots of activities
- Old Town Walking Tour: lots of fun history to keep everyone interested
- Central Highland Tour: if you want to show your students the Highlands on a Day Tour, this is the best option

Useful Info for European School Groups
European Educational Groups can apply for free entry into a variety of Castles here in Scotland, including many of the castles we visit on our Day Tours. If you're a teacher of a European School Group coming to Edinburgh or Scotland, contact the Educational Department at Historic Scotland. Applications need to be made a few weeks in advance of your visit, so be sure to contact them early. We're happy to provide you with more details via email!
What Age Groups do we work with?
All ages, accompanied by teachers/guardians

Do our Tour Guides have experience with young people?
Yes - a lot!

What we can provide
Tour itineraries, Tour Guides, Vehicles, Accomm/restaurant recommendations

How to Contact Us
Email, Phone, Skype

Depends on activities and group

Should I book well in advance?


+44 (0) 7552 961 688 or +44 (0) 7769 265 952