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Pub Culture Tour

Pub Culture Tour

Scotland and the UK have a unique pub culture that many visitors like to learn about (and sample!) while here in the country. What's more, Edinburgh is blessed to have many wonderful watering holes that are not so easy to find if you only have a few days here. We've designed this tour to take you to some of our favourite local pubs in Edinburgh, and of course, to give you the chance to sample our favourite Craft Beer, Scotch and perhaps some local Gin as well!

Why did Scots always "meet down the pub"? And what's the significance behind buying your mate a pint? How did the Great British Pub play such an important role in the Renaissance period? We answer all these questions and much more.

While the tour allows our guests to experience some of the best pubs in Scotland’s capital this is far from a rowdy pub crawl. Instead your guide will create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you’ll be able to appreciate a staple of Scottish culture - the pub. You'll discover the distinctive history behind each pub we visit. In some of these establishments world famous poets, scientists and philosophers once rubbed shoulders with thieves, smugglers and perhaps even grave robbers!

Includes visits to 4 wholly unique Old Town bars, in the company of a friendly, experienced guide, with special offers on food and drink. We are flexible in group size from a couple to a party of fifteen.

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone interested in drinking/sampling Craft Beer Whisky
- Anyone interested in learning about Scotland's Pub Culture/history
- Anyone interested in visiting not-so-easy-to-find local pubs
Type of Tour

Tour Start Time
12.30pm, 1pm, 1.30pm, 2pm or 2.30pm

Tour Duration
2 Hours

Group Size
1-12 (larger groups are possible but please email)

£85 for x2 (excluding drinks), then an extra £10 per person

What Pubs Do We Visit?
A Whisky Bar and two traditional Pubs

What to Bring
£15 per person for drinks


+44 (0) 7552 961 688 or +44 (0) 7769 265 952