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Larger Private Groups

Larger Private Groups

We do a lot of tours for larger private groups, whether it be Walking Tours, Driving Tours or one of our Experiences. We don't have prices on our website for larger groups, as we've found that every group has different needs, which leads to a different quote.

Not all our Driving tours are necessarily recommended for larger groups, such as our Glencoe day tour. This is because the driving time on a coach is in excess of 6.5 hours. Over the years we have found this to be too much time sitting on a bus for one day, especially if you have a group of energetic students on the bus.

Below is a list of tours suitable for different types of large private group.

High School & University Groups
- Edinburgh Coastal Tour: only 2 hours on a coach, lots of fun activities suitable for active/energetic teenagers and no crowds
- Central Highland Tour: interesting, historic castles, mountains and lochs, and not much driving time compared to a Loch Ness Day Tour
- Old Town Walking Tour: lots of interesting history, lots of fun facts and the 2 hour tour is just the right length for most school groups
- Try the Pipes: something a bit different, this activity combines music, history and culture, but the most memorable aspect is the audience participation!
- Story of Scotland: this is especially relevant if your University students are in Scotland with specific educational goals relating to Scottish history or culture

Cruise Ship Groups
- Story of Scotland: perfect for groups of adults interested in learning the history of Scotland in a relaxed environment
- Try the Pipes: Groups get hands-on experience with the Bagpipes, along with the history and culture behind the pipes
- Edinburgh Driving Tour: We hire out coaches for larger groups and assign one of our local guides

Corporate/Staff Party Groups
- Try the Pipes: not that serious, interesting, fun and educational at the same time. This is a great way to give your staff time off from their conference or normal work day
- Pub Culture Tour: we take your team to a selection of pubs they might otherwise not find, and shed some light on Scotland's Pub Culture as well
- Old Town or New town Walking Tour: a great way to give your staff a bit of exercise and a few hours off from work

Travel Agent Groups
- New town Walking Tour: a great way to get your group away from all the other tourists while they are in Edinburgh
- Story of Scotland: this epic storytelling event is great for any large group with a strong interest in learning about Scotland's history

Wedding Parties
- Old Town Walking Tour or Pub Culture Tour go down great
- Try the Pipes: it's fun, noisy and very memorable
- Edinburgh Coastal Tour: not touristy, lots of fun things to do including hikes or beach walks, and great places to eat

If you are in charge of planning a day out for a large group and need some info, we'd be happy to send over details via email or talk on the phone to see if what we offer would be of interest.
Do we cater to large private groups?

Size limit?
Not really!

Vehicles for larger groups?
Yes, we can provide buses

Depends on the group's needs


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