Corporate Tours

Edinburgh Driving Tour

This Driving Tour is great for anyone wanting to see Edinburgh without walking up and down the city's various steep hills (there's a lot!). You'll cover a lot more ground than on an Edinburgh Walking Tour, and you can even combine this tour with a Half Day in the Countryside. Our Half Day Coastal Tour or Borders Tour both go well with the 3 hour Edinburgh Driving Tour.

In Edinburgh, you'll visit:

- The Grassmarket
- Arthur's Seat (when the High Road is open)
- Holyrood Palace (from outside or you can go in) and Holyrood Park
- The Royal Mile
- Calton Hill
- The New Town
- Dean Village
- South Queensferry
- The best local viewpoints for pictures of Edinburgh Castle
- We often add other local spots based on the interests/feedback of the group during the tour

On this tour we can also park the vehicle in the city centre and then explore some of Edinburgh's highlights on foot. Doing this allows you to explore many of the historic graveyards and scenic viewpoints that don't have vehicle access. Some of our groups enjoy a 30min stroll on this tour and Cruise Ship groups really enjoy getting a "wee" bit of time to check to local shops.

This tour is perfect for:

- Anyone who has very limited time in Edinburgh (Cruise Ship groups for example)
- Any group wanting to combine a Half Day City Driving Tour with a Half Day Countryside tour
- Any group not able to do a walking tour in the city centre (it's hilly!)

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We look forward to showing you Scotland!

See Scotland, Up Close & Personal!

We often do Multi Day Tours for groups that want to see more than is possible in one day. So, if you have an idea of where you'd like to go and what you'd like to see, click "Enquire Now " and email us with some info on your group and your interests.

Likewise, if you like the look of some of our Day Tours and would like to see some example multiday itineraries, email us and Emily or Chris will send some options over. We can easily combine many of our Day Tours in order to make an epic Multi Day Tour.

How Our Multi Day Tours Work
1. You email and tell us what you are interested in
2. Emily or Chris W sends an email back with tour options to further discuss what's best for your group
3. When the tour itinerary is agreed upon, we send over a payment link to take a deposit or full payment for the tour
4. We then send over accommodation recommendations based on your preferences and you book your accommodation
5. We finalise the itinerary and recommend/reserve tasty local restaurants at each location

The Day Rate we charge for multiday tours includes your guide's accommodation costs. The exact rate depends on how many people you have in your group.

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone who wants to get an in-depth look at Scotland
- Anyone who wants to go north of Glencoe
- Anyone looking for a very personal experience of Scotland

Here's a video of some Dolphins we saw on one of our Multi Day Tours in Arisaig, near Glenfinnan!

There's nowhere like Skye

The Isle of Skye is simply an awe-inspiring place with some of the best views in Britain......perhaps Europe.....perhaps the world! Add to the mix friendly locals, great local seafood, intriguing folklore/history and it's clear why people from all over the world want to visit.

The journey to Skye is also not to be missed. We drive up through the West Highlands, stopping at Glencoe, Glenfinnan and then take the ferry from Mallaig to Armadale (Skye). The ferry crossing alone is stunning.

We recommend 3-5 days to make the most of Skye as there's a lot to do and see on the island. From Edinburgh it's a relatively long, windy drive and for that reason we usually spend one night in Glencoe or Fort William on the way to our destination.

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone with lots of time in Scotland to enjoy the best of the country
- Anyone interested in getting away from urban life
- Anyone looking for an epic experience

Private Outlander Tour

Outlander is perhaps a intoxicating mix of Braveheart, Back to the Future and Sex and the City! The show has taken the world by storm, but the original books are also worth a read!

This is a Full day Driving Tour, but we also offer Private Outlander Walking Tours in Edinburgh's city centre. Send us a quick email if you want more information.

We only recommend this tour to hardcore Outlander fans, as we squeeze a lot of stops into one day. And although we can't promise you'll get to meet Jamie, you will see where he lived! If you have group members who aren't big fans of Outlander, we can tailor the tour to make sure everyone is entertained while we stop at Lallybroch.

On this private tour, we visit:

- Midhope Castle (Lallybroch)
- Doune Castle (Castle Leoch)
- Culross (Cranesmuir)
- Falkland (Inverness)
- Blackness Castle (Fort William)

Optional Extras include:
- Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison)
- Hopetoun House (used as Duke of Sandringham's residence)
- Aberdour Castle (used as the monastery at end of Season 1)

If some members of your group are not Outlander fans, we can mix the itinerary with some stops that appeal everyone. Just send us some info about what the other groups members would enjoy!

Travel Agency Groups

If you're looking to partner with a local Edinburgh Tour Company in order to give your customers a personal and fun experience of Scotland, you've come to the right page!

We know how challenging it can be working with local partners, especially when you're based in North America, Asia or another part of Europe. We are available to chat via email regarding your enquiry, but can also talk on the phone, Skype or WhatsApp.

Whether you are looking for a Walking Tour, bespoke Highland Tour or even if you want your group to go to a Traditional Highland Games, we'll put together a memorable experience for them. When you book a tour for your customers with us, your customers become our customers, and we do everything we can to make sure the group have the best time possible.

Old Town Orientation Tour

This Private Tour is perfect for anyone who's just arrived in Edinburgh and wants an overview of the city's history and things to do/places to eat. And if you're going to other places in Scotland we'll happily make recommendations for the rest of your holiday too!

Perfect for groups of friends or families, we cater this tour to each Private Group. So if you have a specific interest in Harry Potter or you want to know which pubs to go to for Craft Beer or Whisky, let us know in your Enquiry.

We walk around the historic Old Town on this tour, giving you a great overview of Edinburgh's most famous and recognisable landmarks. By the end of the 3 hours, you'll know more about the history of Edinburgh than the average Scot!

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone interested in the history of Scotland
- Anyone wanting a tour of Edinburgh's city centre
- Anyone new to the city

Here's a video that includes some of the places we visit:

Private Glencoe Day Tour

Glencoe is considered one of the most scenic locations in Scotland and you'll be sure to find out why this valley is so famous (and infamous).

Example Itinerary:
- Highlights of Glencoe, including the 3 Sisters and Glen Etive
- See Stirling Castle
- See Doune Castle
- Lunch in Historic Glencoe Pub, The Clachaig Inn
- Sample Whisky Tasting at Deanston Distillery
- See Highland Cattle and lots of Sheep!
- Optional - Relaxed Waterfall Hike

On this tour, you're given lots of great local insight into how people live and have lived in the area and you'll learn a lot about the history of the Scottish Highlands as well. We eat lunch in an historic Inn located in the heart of the mountains and we can also visit a set of stunning waterfalls only visited by locals.

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone with limited time in Scotland
- Anyone wanting to sample the best of Scotland in one day
- Less active groups who want to still see stunning nature

Informative and Engaging....but also Fun!

We do tours for School Groups of all ages and on these tours, our goal is to make sure all the group members learn something about Scotland while having fun. If you are a larger School Group wanting to do a Driving Tour, we can hire larger vehicles to make sure there's space for everyone, and if you have over 20-25 students for a walking tour, we can provide 2 walking tour guides for your tour to make sure everyone has an intimate tour.

Many of the tours we list on our website are suitable for students, but in the past 5 years, we've found these ones seem to work really well:

- Edinburgh Coastal Tour: limited driving time and lots of activities
- Old Town Walking Tour: lots of fun history to keep everyone interested
- Central Highland Tour: if you want to show your students the Highlands on a Day Tour, this is the best option

Useful Info for European School Groups
European Educational Groups can apply for free entry into a variety of Castles here in Scotland, including many of the castles we visit on our Day Tours. If you're a teacher of a European School Group coming to Edinburgh or Scotland, contact the Educational Department at Historic Scotland. Applications need to be made a few weeks in advance of your visit, so be sure to contact them early. We're happy to provide you with more details via email!

Pub Culture Tour - PRIVATE

Want to explore some of Edinburgh's Hidden drinking dens?

Are you a fan of Craft Beer and or Whisky?

Want to know what restaurants the locals eat at?

Then this tour is for you!

Private Castle and Old Town

This Private Tour combines a guided walk around Edinburgh's most historic building and residential area. We recommend this tour for anyone with very limited time in the city.

The tour begins with a 2 hour exploration of the Old Town's many hidden streets and "closes" (alleyways). We focus on Edinburgh Castle for the last hour, taking in the history, atmosphere and amazing views. Don't forget your camera!

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone wanting an intimate Guided Tour of the Castle
- Anyone with very limited time in Edinburgh
- Larger groups (School/Cruise Ship/Families/Friends)

Go Where Other Tourists Don't

Want to escape the city for a Half Day or Full Day and see the Scottish countryside? On this tour, Chris takes you to his lovely hometown, North Berwick. There you'll get some stunning views, great personal stories, tasty local produce and of course, some fresh seaside air.

Example Tour Itinerary:
- Visit North Berwick
- Go inside Dirleton Castle
- Go inside Tantallon Castle
- Eat Fresh Fish and Chips and local Ice Cream
- Visit Preston Mill (used in Outlander)
- Optional: Walk up North Berwick Law (a big hill with Wild Ponies on it!)

We visit 2 very non-touristy Castles, unspoiled beaches and can even go and see some Wild Ponies.

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone wanting to get away from other tourists
- Anyone wanting some fresh seaside air and fantastic views
- Anyone who'd like to see where the Brits traditionally took their holidays

Here's a video, flimed in and around North Berwick!

Glencoe - Hometown

Edinburgh's Hidden Treasures

Been to Edinburgh before or just want to avoid the city's tourist traps? This Private Tour takes you to the parts of the New Town not often visited by tourists, or locals for that matter!

In 3 hours, you're guided around some of Edinburgh's best kept secrets, including Dean Village, lesser known parts of the New Town, Water of Leith and Stockbridge.

We also take the time to point out some of Edinburgh's lesser known restaurants, pubs and attractions so if you have specific interests, don't forget to mention that in your Enquiry Email.

Do this tour on Sunday and you'll get to experience Stockbridge Market - a Foodie's paradise!

This Tour is Perfect for Anyone:
- Anyone who's done a Royal Mile Walking Tour and wants more
- Anyone wanting to enjoy beautiful scenery in the city
- Anyone wanting to avoid most of Edinburgh's tourists (especially relevant in August!)

St Andrews Day Tour

St Andrews must be one of the quaintest, most historic towns in Scotland. What's more, for the humble size of this "wee" Scottish town (there are around 17,000 permanent residents), the influence it's had on the wider world is quite amazing.

Once a site of medieval religious pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over the UK flocked to St Andrews every year until the Reformation in 1560. St Andrews University was established in 1413 and is still one of the most prestigious Uni's in the world. And on top of all this, modern day Golf wouldn't be what it is today without the help of many St Andrews locals, with many of the pioneering moments in the history of the game occurring in the town.

Example Itinerary:
- Visit St Andrews Castle
- See the Old Course (oldest golf course in the world)
- Visit St Andrews Cathedral
- Visit Falkland (used as a filming location in Outlander)
- Visit Falkland Palace
- Drive back to Edinburgh via Crail, Anstruther and a few more quaint coastal villages

On this tour, you'll learn about the turbulent history of St Andrews and you'll get an insight into all the University and Golf traditions that make it so unique.

This Tour is Perfect for:
- Anyone interested in Golf, Religious History, Quaint Architecture and sea views
- Anyone wanting to do a Walking Tour around a historic Scottish town
- Any group with mixed interests

Central Highland Tour

If you're organising a tour for a group that wants to see the Highlands but doesn't want to sit in the vehicle all day this tour is perfect for you.

Example Tour Itinerary:
- Go inside Stirling Castle
- See Bracklinn Falls
- Go inside Doune Castle
- See Loch Lubnaig
- Visit Deanston Distillery (Optional)
- Have a tasty lunch in Callander
- See Highland Cattle and Sheep!

On this Private Full Day Tour, we get a taste of the Highlands by visiting cascading waterfalls, Stirling Castle, a tranquil loch (Scottish lake), Deanston Distillery and Doune Castle. If you're a fan of Monty Python, Game of Thrones or Outlander, then Doune Castle will be a real treat!

This tour is perfect for:
- Anyone wanting to explore the Highlands without driving all day
- Anyone wanting to do actual activities rather than just sightseeing
- Anyone interested in Castles, Nature and having a "wee dram"

This tour is also available as a Half Day Tour, with less activities at a lower price.

Give Your Employees a Great Experience of Scotland

We know when Corporate Groups book a tour they want to have some fun and relax, and for that reason we make our tours as fun as possible with lots of stories and some jokes for good measure as well!

If you're Company is in Edinburgh for a conference or meeting and your staff need a few hours to think about something other than work, a Walking Tour with Whisky tasting could be a great way to unwind.

We do Trips to the Highlands and Walking Tours in Edinburgh and if you have a specific itinerary or activity in mind, don't hesitate to email us. We are happy to put together Bespoke days out, based on your group's needs and interests.