Our Guides

All Our Guides Are Locally Sourced!

Chris W

Before founding Local Eyes Tours, Chris spent time living and working in different parts of the world, including the Scottish Highlands, Denmark and Cambodia. Now he gets to show people from all over the world his hometown, it's great!


Moira Macrae is about as Scottish as they come, apart from her Aussie accent! Moira partly grew up in Scotland, but then her family moved 'down under' when she was just a lass. She didn't return to Bonnie Scotland for another 20 years. She's now been back long enough to acclimatise to the weather again, and we're happy to say she's part of the Local Eyes team!


Emily moved to Edinburgh in January 2018 for graduate school, after guiding tours in the UK and Europe for a leading international tour operator. She works part time in the office and is a very welcome addition to the Local Eyes team!

Chris P

Chris P. was born and raised just outside Edinburgh, and now lives in the city with his young family. He has called the city home all his life! He has a degree in art history and is passionate about history and loves meeting people.


Gillian hails from the the historic coastal town of Arbroath, but arrived in Edinburgh over twenty years ago to study Publishing at University....and never left! A self confessed history geek, she's been guiding Historical and Ghost tours for years and joined the team in 2017.


David is one of Edinburgh's adopted sons and having stayed here for 4 years, his passion for Scottish history spurred the move across the pond from his native Nova Scotia ("New Scotland"). That very same passion has led to a few TV appearances on BBC History shows, and we expect to see more from David soon!


No one can claim to be more local to Edinburgh than Peter. Born and bred in the city, he has an intimate and detailed knowledge of Edinburgh's history and loves bringing it to life when telling people about it.


Cameron is Edinburgh born and bred, but his love of Scotland goes much further than that. Having guided Small Group/Private Tours in Scotland for many years, Cameron most enjoys getting up to the Highlands for the scenery and the history. But with family spread all across the country, he calls many places home!