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All Our Guides Are Locally Sourced!


Helen has guided all over Scotland and in some parts of England and Ireland as well. She hails from the West Coast of Scotland, but went to University in Edinburgh, and since then, she's called our "wee" city home. Having previously lived in Spain and France, she speaks both respective languages fluently and loves nothing more than exploring new places. Her most recent holiday was 1 month backpacking around India, although she tells us she didn't learn Hindi!


Gains is our resident historian and fact-checker. He completed his Phd in Scottish History in 2016 and has since worked as a tour guide in Edinburgh. Gains enjoys nothing more than sharing his love for Scotland's history with enthusiastic listeners from all walks of life. He grew up in the historic region of Ayrshire, the home of our National Poet, Robert Burns. Needless to say, Gains ain't bad with words either!


Before founding Local Eyes Tours, Chris spent time living and working in different parts of the world, including the Scottish Highlands, Denmark and Cambodia. Where ever he went, it was the locals who made the place he visited so special. Nowadays, Chris lives in Edinburgh with his family and gets to show visitors to Scotland where he is from....it's great!


Moira Macrae is about as Scottish as they come, well apart from her Aussie accent! Her parents emigrated down under before she was born and then they moved back to Bonnie Scotland when she was just a wee lass. She's now been back long enough to acclimatise to the weather, and as the proud mother of two grown up "bairns" (kids), she lives close to St Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife. As a natural-born storyteller and a student of history and Scottish folklore, there's not a quiet moment on tour with Moira!


OK, Emily is not a guide, but without her, not much would get done at Local Eyes! She's in charge of our office operations and if you send us an email, you'll likely speak to her at some point. Emily moved to Edinburgh from the US, for Graduate School, but before that, she guided tours in the UK and mainland Europe for a leading international tour operator. A keen traveller, she's also lived in Italy for a while and speaks Italian.


David is one of Edinburgh's adopted sons and having stayed here for over 5 years. His passion for Scottish history spurred the move across the pond, from his native Nova Scotia ("New Scotland"). His interest in Scotland is not purely academic however. David has visited over 200 castles here, and his favourite mode of transport while exploring Scotland is a bike! His infectious enthusiasm for Scottish history has led to quite a few TV appearances on BBC History shows, and we expect to see more from him soon!