School Group Tours

Informative and Engaging....but also Fun!

We do tours for School Groups of all ages and as we have a range of guides - also of all ages - we guarantee we can organise an experience that fits your needs.

Many of our guides are still in their 20's (only just!) and if you want a Tour Guide who can connect with your students then we'd perhaps suggest one of our younger guides for your tour.

We routinely do Walking Tours, Driving Tours and Multi-day Tours with School Groups from North America and elsewhere, and it's always fun!
What Age Groups do we work with?
All ages, accompanied by teachers/guardians

Do our Tour Guides have experience with young people?
Yes - a lot!

What we can provide
Tour itineraries, Tour Guides, Vehicles, Accomm/restaurant recommendations

How to Contact Us
Email, Phone, Skype

Depends on activities and group

Should I book well in advance?


+44 (0) 7552 961 688 or +44 (0) 7769 265 952